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Abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs isn’t just an adult problem. While we’d like to think that adolescents don’t have access to these substances, the reality is that they do. In Greenville county 17% of adolescents have need for substance abuse treatment for a substance use disorder.

Adolescents try alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for many reasons. They may be doing what other family members do. They may be trying to impress friends. They may be curious and seeking thrills. Or, they may be trying to dull the pain of their lives. Whatever the reason, it is dangerous behavior and the child is at risk of developing a substance abuse disorder. Research proves that the earlier the intervention, the better the prognosis.

At the Phoenix Center, our counselors work with adolescents, ages 12-17, who are involved in risky behaviors, have emotional problems, and/or need help with family problems.

A substance use disorder is a progressive disease that will get worse if left untreated; however, it can be arrested and delayed. Our wide range of individualized treatment programs allow us to work with people to help them lead healthy, productive lives.

Our programs for Children & Adolescents with substance use disorders include:

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Adolescent Outpatient Services are located at 1400 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29607