Adult Services

Adult Services

The Phoenix Center offers outpatient services during the day and evening hours except Sundays. Our goal is to make treatment services available and convenient for our clients.

When substance abuse has escalated into substance dependence, people begin to experience severe problems and serious consequences. Frequently, these individuals have tried outpatient treatment, but have been unable to maintain abstinence. The Phoenix Center has several residential programs available to meet the needs of these individuals. Each of our Residential Programs is designed to uniquely meet the needs of the individuals it serves.

A substance use disorder is a progressive disease that will get worse if left untreated; however, it can be arrested and delayed. Our wide range of individualized treatment programs allow us to work with people to help them lead healthy, productive lives.

Our programs for Adults with substance use disorders include:

Other resources can be found here:

Women who are pregnant, intravenous drug users will be given priority for admission to all programs.